Sagebrush Invitational Art Show (July – September 2015)

Sagebrush Cafe would like to thank all the artists and art fans that came out to the opening reception of INvitational Art SHowthe Sagebrush Cafe Invitational Art Show, a gallery show drawing on the many and diverse talents of artists in the Antelope Valley.

Our judge for the show was Rheagan E. Martin, a savvy sophisticate currently working at the Getty Center in Los Angeles and, more importantly, our guy from way back. He chose three prize winners and an additional honorable mention from the many pieces submitted to the invitational community art show.
Winners are:

Gabriel Baber – 1st

Aponte – 2nd prize

Michael Jones – 3rd prize

Joanne McCubrey – Honorable Mention

Each prize winner received a cash award and a series of handshakes, congratulations and appreciations. The opening reception had a decent turn-out from the community considering that it had to be held early on a hot Saturday evening in late July (not the best recipe for gathering a crowd in the Antelope Valley).

The art submitted is, by and large, a collection of bright colors, a dynamic sense of motion and there is a noticeable trend toward freedom. Where some gallery shows impress with art that seems to have striven for and achieved a sense of calm stasis, this show presents a lively sensibility that has little interest in stasis. It reaches. It vibrates. It moves.

That’s our take.

Stevie Chun
Stevie Chun
Michael Jones
Michael Jones

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