Coffee Shop Reflections: Our Community is Fluid & Adventurous!

Since opening in 2009, one of the things we’ve learned at Sagebrush is just how fluid the life of our community is.

Coffee shops are unique for being part of the daily routine of a community of people and, being in this unique position, we have seen first hand just how dynamic and ever-changing people’s lives are today in our neighborhood of the Antelope Valley and beyond.

Not only do we meet many people who have just moved into the area and are searching around to discover a local routine, but we see old customers moving into new houses, new jobs, and new phases of life. Lots of change.

Slant LightWe’ve met many babies. We’ve congratulated new graduates and new retirees. We’ve said goodbye to old friends transferring out of the Antelope Valley to other parts of the country. And we’ve seen quite a few people choose to go back to school.

Of course, they need their focus and energy (caffeine!) to be the best students they can be, so we have had a chance to chat with a surprising number of people who have left school and  then chosen to go back, graduated and chosen to continue on with further education, or who have decided to take up nursing (a lot of people have done that).

What does it all mean?

One takeaway from all this fluidity in our community is the idea that there really is an intact, collective faith in the American system. This isn’t intended to be a rah-rah, jingoistic slap on the back. It’s just an observation. Think about it.

Look at the changes that our neighbors are going through geographically and the choices they are making professionally and educationally, and you have to take a step back and appreciate the fact that no one would do it if they didn’t believe in their own power to succeed and grow here, in America, in the Antelope Valley.

We trust that the degree will create opportunity. We are willing to uproot because we trust in our abilities to adapt and succeed.

Right?Sagebrush and Sunshine

We’ve seen challenges in our community at large since we opened in 2009. We still see them – layoffs and hardships and corporate decisions that move jobs and people elsewhere. It’s impossible to ignore the negatives. Honestly, we’ve had our own struggles too at Sagebrush. And you can’t separate the challenges of our community from those we’ve faced as a small business.

But there is no ignoring the remarkable fact that, in all the fluidity and changes taking place in our community every week, we collectively seem to believe that with the right moves we can get to where we need to be.


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