Where does the United States rank in world coffee consumption?

We are the tops in this category! (Kind of.) The United States consumes more coffee overall than any other country in the world.

What about Italy, you ask. What about France? What about Columbia where children start drinking coffee in the cradle?

Don’t be too quick to doubt the validity of the reputations of European countries like Italy and France, which are famous for their high quality coffees and their delightful and sophisticated coffee cultures.

The United States of America takes the top spot for country that drinks the most coffee overall, but not the most per person.

Check out this graph of coffee consumption worldwide and you will see that the United States ranks between New Zealand and Austria, coming in at just less than one cup of coffee per day per person. That puts us in 16th, also behind Canada, our more caffeinated neighbors to the north.

Would you be surprised to hear that the countries that top the list of most coffee consumed per day per person are all northern countries and all European? The Netherlands (not super far north, but in line with Calgary, Canada) and Finland and Sweden are the top three coffee drinking countries in the world, per person.

While you read this, if you are wondering where we should set our collective sites in the coffee competition, the obvious answer seems to be New Zealand. They’re just narrowly ahead of us in coffee consumption but they’re also the only country ahead of us on the list below us on the globe. To borrow a phrase, we are northier than them and, so, we can beat them.


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