Three Reasons to Drink Coffee

Espresso TimeReason #1:The Ritual

There is a subtle but powerful difference between a routine and a ritual. Coffee, somehow, manages by dint of its own inherent sensorial power to take routine and turn it into ritual. Is it that great aroma? Is it the temperature – just right? Is it the energizing effect of coffee?

Probably it’s all of these plus a heap of good memories of waking up to coffee. We’ve all got them, even people who don’t drink coffee remember waking up on a winter morning and someone has brewed coffee and the sky is just getting light…and the romance – the poetry – of that moment sticks with you.

From then on, it can be part of every coffee experience like a silent ripple on a pond when your eyes are closed, if you know what I mean.

Rituals are always evocative. Often, they evoke a body of memories. Coffee does that. And that is part of why we drink it.

Reason #2: The Social Side

Getting together for a cup of coffee may have been a bit of a euphemism in the past when diners passed as coffee shops and the now familiar Italian terms like cappuccino and macchiato were not on anyone’s radar.

Getting together for coffee is a real thing today. Even then coffee was a kind of social glue. A reason to gather. Something to gather around. Coffee remains a symbolic fire, warming our hands and sparking stories.

And you can drink it any time. You can drink it in the morning and you can drink it in the afternoon. This makes getting together for coffee an event that can fit in anywhere in the daily calendar. How great is that?

Reason #3: Because coffee is…

With so many cultural conversations taking place about diet, health, gluten, caffeine and things of this sort, one of the most fundamental reasons for drinking coffee can get lost in the mix.

Coffee is good. It tastes good. It’s f***ing yummy.

Lest we forget the great thing we have in coffee, please take a moment to savor your next sip. Let it sit on your tongue and tell you its heart-warming story. It’s a good one.


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