Art at Sagebrush Café

Every year we host an arts & crafts festival, inviting artists and crafters from all over the Antelope Valley to set up booths and join us in a celebration, showcase and sale that highlights the creativity in our community. That happens outside, once each year (in April), but we also have art on display year-round inside in our gallery space.

Since 2009 we have had a chance to help artists get eyes on their art and complete the circle of the artistic process (conceive – create – converse), providing our customers with access to unique art and ideas along the way. It’s been great. And we plan to keep on doing it for a long time.

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Artists need a space to show work, whether the art is visual (like painting, photography or collage art) or textual (like fiction, poetry, essays or super-clever tweets). There has to be a space to share. And with our mission of promoting community culture at Sagebrush Café, we are more than happy to provide one space where this can happen and to our little part.

IMG_3023Some artists come to us with a polished resume and a banging portfolio already. Some artists come to us as they are putting things together for the first time. Some artists have merchandise, prints, postcards and a well-practiced plan for their art. Some artists simply want to get their work in front of someone and see what happens.

Artists that have shown work at Sagebrush Café: AJ Currado, Edwin Vasquez, Nuri Amanatullah, Michael Clark Davis, Julie O’Sullivan, Flint Fernweh, Michael Jones, Val Bustos, Steven Fiche, Nicelle Davis, Brenda Zeller, Donel O’Sullivan, Maggie SanFilippo, Marcelles Murdock, Phillip Aceves, Brynn Metheney, Joni Hess, Kevin Coffey, Adrienne Pike Adelphia, Jeremy Johnson, Joanne McCubrey and that’s not even the entire list.

We’d like to think we are doing something with our coffee shop – and we’re doing it as a community. The communal nature of a gallery art show, which is dependent on more than just an artist, is a great analogy for the enterprise we’ve undertaken as an independent coffee shop.

A great deal of mutuality is necessary for the project to work (not only to work but to be). So when things do work, they work because the mutuality is happening.

And that is what we see in our annual arts and crafts fair. We see the community representing itself and, in a way, in conversation with itself. On a smaller scale and on a daily basis that is also what we see in the gallery shows at Sagebrush Café.


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