The Where and the How of Albert Einstein and His Coffee

Late in his career, famous physicist Albert Einstein made visits to some of the world’s leading universities to promote the search for a Unified Field Theory, the so-called holy grail of scientific inquiry.

In a story recounting Einstein’s visit to Princeton, wherein Einstein surprised an undergraduate student by showing up early for a talk, Einstein is described as brewing up an urn of coffee and telling the student that he took his coffee with cream and sugar because his stomach wouldn’t take it black anymore.

“The word that the most famous scientist in the world had made coffee for the meeting got around almost immediately with the result that everyone wanted a cup. It was as if somehow drinking coffee that had been made by the man himself conveyed magical powers.”

While this little tale may be an embellishment on the facts, it is still fun to imagine word spreading across a college campus that there is some magic coffee brewing in the science building.

Café Louvre

A Viennese coffee shop in Prague boasts that Albert Einstein and Franz Kafka were regulars back in the day, now almost a hundred years ago.

Café Louvre isn’t far from the Vitava River and looks like you might expect it to look, with décor that matches well with the period with which the café is most closely associated.

“With its pink and cream walls, its neo-rococo stucco moldings, its lowered archways decorating the light and joyful surroundings, the Louvre exudes the atmosphere of cafés from the Austro-Hungarian Empire era as they were at the turn of the 20th century.”1

Interestingly, the high-polish and modern look of the Café Louvre fits nicely into contemporary coffee shops too.


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