Coffee Shop Reflections: Flavor Adventurers

Behind the counter of a coffee shop a person encounters many different attitudes and approaches to drinking coffee. One of the most remarkable and inspiring trends that we have seen at Sagebrush is just how willing people are to take a chance and try something new.

Man standingCustomers often come in with a drink in mind – something tried and true, something they know they like already. We’re happy to serve up that drink, naturally. But over the years we’ve developed some unique and delicious specials that we encourage our customers to try.

Sometimes there is hesitation, which is completely understandable. If you know what you like, why take a chance on something different? This makes good sense.

Taking a chance on something new and different can be a powerful moment though. Not to exaggerate, but it seems entirely possible that you can prove something to yourself about the value of adventure and your own willingness to adventure by taking the leap into one of our monthly specials.

So many people have made the leap! It’s great to see a person embrace the specials board, especially if that person hesitated at first. It’s great to see the risk rewarded.

There is a lesson in this. We won’t pretend it’s a profound lesson, but little adventures can help us see ourselves as adventurous people. We have adventurous customers. And we like that. We like that people are willing to go along with us on a flavor adventure, every month.

There is a momentum of excitement that comes from branching out. And we all know that one positive moment in a day can set the tone. A special drink from our specials board can spread its specialness like a dance spreading through a crowd in a movie-musical.


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