Books We Love @ Sagebrush Cafe

We are readers at Sagebrush Café. Pretty much all of us enjoy reading books. You do too? Nice.

Despite the commonly touted perception that America does not read, we think there are signs to the contrary. In fact, we are a sign to the contrary because we read. You are too.

Luckily, we don’t have to fight the cultural battle against questionable perceptions.  We can read books even if people think we’re only turning the pages as something to keep our muscles loose in between text messages.

There is never a shortage of recommendations these days for what to read and what to watch, but with an eye to some off-the-radar books we thought we’d share some of our favorites to give you a sense of what we have read and enjoyed as a collective little group.


The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman

This book is fun and funny and creative and a little bit sad too. The Principles of Uncertainty is one of those books that opens up your thinking about what a book can be.



Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

This is something of an underground classic, recommended by a librarian a few years ago, Understanding Comics is a very, very smart book that explores the conceptual nature of how we read and how people create comics and comic books.

Understanding Comics

White Teeth by Zadie Smith

This novel was a big seller when it debuted in 2000 but since then it has fallen out of the literary conversation. A fluid and fast-paced prose makes White Teeth a bit deceptive because it is also deeply concerned with questions of how cultural biases affect us every day, within ourselves and in our social lives.



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