Do Scientists Really Drink the Most Coffee?

According to one study that surveyed 4,700 professionals, scientists reported drinking the most coffee of any profession. That means scientists drink more coffee than airplane pilots. And that’s a lot.

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Second the third on the list in that study are Marketing Professionals and Education Administrators. So, the people who create ad campaigns for Toyota are just a little more amped than high school principals. (Somehow it seems like drinking lots of coffee is the only thing these professions have in common.)

Another, larger study offers some different answers to the question of what professions drink the most coffee. In this study 10,000 people were surveyed and the results were different.

Journalists and Media Professionals topped the list of coffee consumption in this study with Police Officers and Teachers following at second and third, respectively.

You don’t have to be a hyper-alert scientist to see right away that these two studies don’t agree. Maybe one day someone will drink enough coffee to get to the bottom of this mystery.

One of the interesting results of posing this question to Google (“What profession drinks the most coffee?”) is seeing just how many news articles were spun out of these two surveys. All the top results seemed to be based on the same two surveys, which obviously present two very different answers to the question.

So, what’s the take-away?

We could use more studies on this (un)important question — not because we need it answered but because it’s interesting and now we want to know.


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