Scenes from Sagebrush

A few looks at what we were doing at Sagebrush Cafe in early 2016…


Our focus has been on continued growth in 2016. We’re building on our history and we’re building on our skills. Even as we’ve turned our camera out to the weathered sky, we’ve turned our gaze inward…because, as you know, good has to be turned into great or else good goes bad like a slack-bellied prize fighter. Our drinks are in fit-and-fighting shape! And that is our focus.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our drinks. It’s the basis of our philosophy. That and try to have some fun. That and put some heart into it.

Tulips & Heart Latte ArtIced Coffee Drink

In a time of especially colorful sunrises and sunsets, of rainstorms and windstorms, we have also had a great time. Marthe Aponte’s art show, Ecriture Automatique, went up in our gallery space and we have a really nice turnout from the community.

Morning Sky

Cloudy Cafe Morning

Marthe AponteMarthe Aponte Gallery Opening

When it comes to quality, there is more to discuss than a coffee shop’s drinks. There is also the quality of experience. This is something that we can shape but that we cannot control because one person’s experience depends on his or her own state of mind and on the other people in the cafe. We are lucky to have the community of customers we do – a mix of backgrounds, an assortment of interests, and a taste for good times.

Pour Over Window

happy customers 2

Claire's Emu



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