Coffee on TV and in the Movies

Coffee pops up everywhere. Coffee is ubiquitous, for good reason, in our daily lives and also in our entertainment.

Here are a couple of standout moments of coffee on screen with a little help from the internet of coffee.


Fans of Seinfeld like us will remember that Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer did a lot of hanging out in their local coffee shop/diner. They drank so much coffee that it’s hard to choose a single moment to highlight.

There was the time that Kramer made a coffee table book, got invited to Good Morning America with Regis and Kathy Lee and spit-sprayed hot coffee all over the hosts.

But what comes to mind most is Jerry’s sarcastic coffee cup salute, which he used on more than one occasion.

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is a movie with several great coffee scenes.

Remember this scene from Pulp Fiction? This is the part where Harvey Keitel shows up at Quentin Tarentino’s house to clean up a bloody situation. Keitel is more suave here than he’s ever been. Even more suave than he was in Mean Streets, which is saying a lot.

Keitel tells Tarentino to put on some coffee and the characters (notably, Samuel L. Jackson) have the presence of mind to really taste it, turning the tense moment into a surreal bit of comedy.

Breaking Bad

Although Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is usually cooking up crystal meth in the prestige television drama Breaking Bad, he also takes time to drink copious amounts of coffee in the show.

Of the many coffee moments in the five seasons of Breaking Bad, one stands out above the others.



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