Sagebrush Inventions

Customers of Sagebrush Café already know that we love to make things up – new coffee drinks, pastries, and also crafts. But there is a chance that people don’t know what items in our shop are our own creations and what belongs to the larger café culture. So, here is a little run-down of some of the inventions that have been developed in our idea lab.

Captain Kim’s Peanut Butter Granola Bar & the Trampolino

Granola Bar 2These two super-snacks were developed by our small team of big thinkers to fill a void that some of us realized was threatening our lives. Okay, that’s too dramatic, but it’s almost true.

Each of these bars took weeks to work out. The recipe and the method for each bar are entirely original and had to be invented from scratch. (Anyone who has really invented something will understand just how much thought goes into even a simple design. And how much more thought has to go into a design that looks convincingly simple.)

Chock full of good stuff, the Peanut Butter Granola Bar and the Trampolino are made in-house by Captain Kim and offer the kind of protein and flavor that make for extra-satisfying snacking. They’ve gone far too. Campers have taken them camping. Travelers have taken them traveling. These bars have gone to Africa and Europe, to Tennessee and to Mount Whitney.

The Aztec Warrioraztec warrior  name card

A coffee drink that has become locally famous for its ability to make casual coffee drinkers into coffee enthusiasts, the Aztec Warrior was created in partnership with a customer who requested a coffee drink for her husband that was not too sweet and not too strong, flavor-wise, but packing an energy punch. Thus a Goldilocks-Frankenstein coffee drink was born – the Aztec Warrior.

The Static Electric

This summer special was created for a gallery show we were hosting with the bright and color art of Michael Jones, a Lancaster artist.

Bubbly and brightly colored itself and offering sparkling, tart refreshment, this drink has had a long and happy life since that 2010 gallery show, earning new fans each summer.

More Sagebrush Café Inventions

  • The Liquid Sunshine
  • The Nutty Banana Bliss
  • The Slow Turtle
  • The Peach Berry Smoothie
  • Sagebrush Café Collage Cache kits
  • Sagebrush Café “Soak Me” Tea Baths

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