Desert Wonderland – Photography by Megan Cripe

Have you ever opened your eyes in the autumn and looked up at a desert sky and spotted a cloud floating in like a sign of the day to come, a flag flown to say that today is a great day to take photos in the Mojave? If your name is Megan Cripe then you’ve woken up on days like this and jumped into your shoes and hit the ground running, camera in hand.

Cripe is a photographer drawn to the iconic imagery of the desert but she finds a way to capture a certain feeling – that personal feeling you get when you take a few steps into the open spaces of the desert and a sense of the quiet drama of the Mojave seems like it’s yours for the moment.

The California Poppies are there, in the moment, for you. The Joshua Trees, silhouetted against the morning sun are part of your own story. There is a purpose to it all that stands just behind the words in your head. When you look at Cripe’s photos, you feel that the purpose is coming into focus.

Megan Cripe’s DESERT WONDERLAND is showing at Sagebrush Cafe now.

Desert Wonderland

Desert Wonderland

Sagebrush Cafe

42104 50th Street West

Quartz Hill,CA 93536

Another side of the show is Cripe’s choice of print formats. The photos are printed on a large scale with some pieces as large as 24×36. Some photos are printed on metal and some on canvas, which adds a layer to consider in each piece.

There is painterly quality that comes out, making the iconic desert seem delicate, ephemeral, about to lift up like the raven and chase that morning cloud.



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  1. Bill Spargur says:

    The last time I was in the Sagebrush Cafe I saw some work done by Megan Cripe but the items that I wanted were already sold. Is it possible to contact the artist to see if she has other works?


    1. Hi Bill. The answer is yes!

      Megan Cripe’s instagram handle is @roonsnaps. She has a Facebook page with the same name and she can be contacted that way too. You may be able to purchase new copies of the photos you liked most or find other work from Megan that speaks to you.



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