Part of a New Antelope Valley

We opened in 2009 and since then a new eating and drinking scene has emerged in the Antelope Valley. It’s almost tempting to say we live in a new Antelope Valley because ten years ago there was no local craft brewing scene, Lancaster BLVD was still Lancaster Boulevard, a hum-drum downtown street with no art museum.

But things started changing soon after we opened Sagebrush Cafe. The BLVD was remade and an art contemporary art museum, the MOAH, came was planted right in the middle. Bravery Brewing and Kenetic Brewing Co. came along and started what amounts to local beer revolution with Transplants and Lucky Luke following. The Field of Drafts annual beer festival joined a growing set of festivals celebrating the good things in life – beer, art, and music.

New spaces like the Modern Tea Room and established spaces like The Graphic Experience now host art events featuring artists from Lancaster, Palmdale, Rosamond, Quartz Hill and Lake Elizabeth, highlighting the range of talent that calls the Antelope Valley home. Events like Palmdale’s Kaleidoscope arts festival further punctuate this positive trend toward a vocal celebration of life in the desert.

048.JPGNone of this could have happened if aspiring business people in our community didn’t choose to believe that putting down roots in the Antelope Valley.

Many, if not all, the businesses and initiatives mentioned here have been spearheaded by locals. So if we’re calling the recent trends in eating and drinking and art a kind of inspired movement, it’s a movement that’s homegrown.

For a region that is so often over-looked (both by locals and by the larger Los Angeles community), it’s worth noting that the upswing in here in Antelope Valley culture is a product of faith as much as a product of investment.

And maybe this is the takeaway – culture, wherever you find it, is a reflection of a certain kind of creative belief.   

At Sagebrush Cafe we’re proud to be a part of this trend and, obviously, we’re glad to have so many new things to do right here at home.






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