The Giving Game at Sagebrush Cafe

The Giving Game is a game fashioned after the holiday spirit where patrons have a chance to both give and receive.

First, it’s a way to pay it forward. You can buy a drink for someone else and leave the present on our “tag tree.” Then it becomes a way to get a surprise present.

The person who buys the gift chooses a drink or food item and we write the name of that gift on one side of the tag. Then the gift giver writes a description of the person he or she is buying the gift for on the other side. So far, people have given lattes and coffees and paninis to “a tired mom,” “a first responder,” and a few “college students in need of coffee.”

This morning a young lady was able to accept a gift from the tag tree on her birthday, which seems so fitting.

Amelia says the part that’s the most fun is not knowing who will get your gift. You might know it’s going to be “someone who loves dogs” but you don’t know which dog lover it will be. It’s a mystery, she says. Then she laughs.

And that’s the Giving Game at Sagebrush Cafe.


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