Dream Symbols: What Coffee Means in Your Dreams

Coffee is something we think about a lot in our waking lives – brewing, sipping, sharing and enjoying – but coffee sometimes also appears in our dreams as a positive symbol of reflection and connection.

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The consensus on coffee as a dream symbol is that most often represents deep thinking, meditation, and reflection. And that makes sense. Because coffee is not just a drink, it’s a moment, a kind of head-space. And that’s one reason we like it so much.

The writers at DreamStop offer this interpretation and also say that dreaming about coffee can mean a few things: “When you dream of coffee this indicates you are looking deeper into the heart of the matter before making a decision or choice.” They also suggest that if you are preparing coffee in your dream, it “represents sharing knowledge, wisdom, and ideas.”

Other purveyors of dream interpretation echo this idea with some adding that coffee with a friend in a dream might point to a subconscious spark of romance.

Coffee dates don’t only take place in coffee shops. They also pop up in our dreams.

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Experts in dream interpretation will be quick to tell you that the meaning of your dreams can’t be found in a book or on a website. You have to ask yourself what the dreams mean to you – what do they feel like, what is the emotional valence of the dream… But it’s helpful to get some hints sometimes from outside sources.

None of this answers the more difficult question of whether or not it’s possible to experience the smell of coffee in your dreams, but maybe we can leave that for another day.

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