Desert Wonderland – Photography by Megan Cripe

Have you ever opened your eyes in the autumn and looked up at a desert sky and spotted a cloud floating in like a sign of the day to come, a flag flown to say that today is a great day to take photos in the Mojave? If your name is Megan Cripe then you’ve…

What Air Ordered – Photographs by Gabriel Malikian

What Air Ordered

Photography by Gabriel Malikian

June 30 to September 7

Sagebrush Café

42104 50th Street West

Quartz Hill, CA 93536

A Sip Through Time

  In poetry, there is a certain palpability to memory. The past takes on a physicality – a presence. Even in evocations of spring, there is the sharp tang of memory the clings to the shape of the new rose bud. It’s as if, in the mouth of the poet, a world can be remade…

Paris: A Living Fantasy – photography showing at Sagebrush Cafe

Paris: A Living Fantasy – a photography exhibit featuring the works of Hannah Wilson Wilson’s work is evocative of an idealized Paris, an idea that she chose to play with after considering a completely different approach to a Paris-oriented gallery show. You can read her take on coming home from France to the Antelope Valley…