Ending the Year with a Bang

Ending the Year with a Bang

December has been an active month here in Quartz Hill. With all the holiday festivities going on, we thought we’d add a few things of our own – a like a coffee cherry on top.

Our first December event was the Giving Game, which quietly became a big deal with many, many people giving and getting all sorts of drinks and sandwiches across the month.

Then we ran some contests – an ugly sweater contest and a cup decorating contests – and the results were memorable. As you can see…

ugly sweater fmonkay

Next up – the yearly Sagebrush Cafe Scavenger Hunt. Joel and Natalie have plotted and schemed and this year’s hunt could be the funnest fun to be had on the last weekend of the year.


As we approach a new year, it’s nice to be able to look back and say you really did something – even if you waited until pretty late to do it. 🙂 So, stop in, everyone, and get the scavenging while the scavenging’s good!


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